Brodie's most requested presentations

Motivation 101

During this seminar, participants will:

Create strategies to increase motivation

Learn how to motivate not only yourself but others

Find ways to increase motivation in your chapter

Positivity Attracts 

During this seminar, participants will:

Identify techniques to turn negativity into positivity

Understand how you can be your greatest champion or worst enemy by how you think about your life every day

Learn why Negativity Repels and Positivity Attracts

Just Do It 

During this seminar, participants will:

Learn how to seize the day

Create a plan to achieve your goals

Develop techniques to fight through adversity

Leadership 101

During this seminar, participants will:

Create strategies to increase leadership skills

Learn how to lead by example

Understand the importance of being authantic and walking the walk

Find ways to increase leadership skills in your chapter/company to retain people for the long-term

Entrepreneurship 101

During this seminar, participants will:

Learn which business you should consider creating

Understand how to build a business from the start-up phase 

See why it is important to have a business plan

Learn about critical steps to ensure your business is successful

Publishing 101

During this seminar, participants will:

Learn why publishing and writing your own book is potentially life changing

Understand how to publish and market your books to bestselling status in the next 90 days or less

Identify how to publish your books in Kindle, Paperback, and Audiobook formats to maximize revenue streams for your book launch

See how to make significent revenue on the back end through offering public speaking through giving seminars, creating online courses, and coaching

PMA: Positive Mental Attitude

During this seminar, participants will: 

Create strategies for developing and enhancing positive thinking

Learn how positive thinking can improve your life both mentally and physically

Show how to use your PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and not your NMA (Negative Mental Attitude)

The Pursuit of Happiness

During this seminar, participants will:

Learn how to find your passion

Focus on what really matters in life

Develop ways to defeat your dark side

Presenting 101

During this seminar, participants will:

Identify successful presentation strategies that can be incorporated into your personal style

Understand the importance of planning and developing effective presentations

Collect successful presentation hacks for personal use

LEAD with P.A.S.S.I.O.N.

During this seminar, participants will:

Discuss what your passion is in life

Discover what you would like to do professionally and personally in the next five years

Understand methods and techniques to help in finding your calling in life


During this seminar, participants will:

Learn how to become your greatest champion by conquering adversity

Develop ways to develop a successful mindset

Discover the importance of accountability, work ethic, and the power of the five ones 


Paul’s PMA seminar is a game changer. It is a reset button for perspective and teaches simple and accessible skills that make a measurable impact on one’s outlook on life. Energetic, relatable, and motivating, Paul will leave you revitalized with an arsenal of tools and tricks to work with to improve your daily personal and professional life.

Jennifer M. 

Santa Barbara, CA

Paul Brodie’s seminar in Oklahoma City was an experience I won’t soon forget. His presentation pulled me out of my comfort zone. He reignited my desire to be a leader and showed me what was important in life. Mr. Brodie put the spark back into my lifelong dreams. I highly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to attend one of his seminars does so. It inspired me and will absolutely do the same for others.

Rusty D.

Houston, TX

What is great about Brodie’s seminars is they’re not the conventional sit and listen to my story kind of deal. I went to his session in Seattle, Washington and the man had an entire room of men in suits and women in dresses dancing to “Jump Around”. It takes a special kind of person to make that happen (with style, I may add). He has such an upbeat attitude, it’s hard not being positive when you’re around him.

Katie W. 

Milwaukee, WI

I have had the pleasure of attending several of Paul Brodie’s seminars. If ever you have the opportunity to attend one, I HIGHLY recommend going. I guarantee, you will enjoy every moment of it. His sessions are definitely not one of those boring lectures where attendees fall asleep. He is a great speaker who has a special knack of motivating and inspiring people with his energy and interactions. You will leave feeling revived, energetic, positive and hopeful! He sent us home with techniques to follow to keep one’s mind positive (AND THEY WORK!). The outstanding information he offers will be useful for the rest of your life!

Monica G. 

Oklahoma City, OK

Paul Brodie’s session in Chicago was absolutely awakening. He redefines what a session is “supposed” to look like. From the minute you step foot into the room you can feel his energy pulsating through every attendee. By the end of the program not only did everyone in the room have a smile on their face, but we were all so refreshed and invigorated after being pushed to step out of their comfort zone. His session brings people together to have fun so that strangers can leave as friends. I highly recommend experiencing any of his sessions, but especially Positivity Attracts. It will continue to have an impact on the rest of your day and life!

Devin M. 

Parker, AZ

Paul’s sessions are not your typical come, listen and go sessions. Rather, his sessions are interactive and by the end of the session, you have at least one new contact, if not more. His sessions are upbeat and instills that with a little bit of positivity you have the opportunity to do anything and everything you’ve set your goals towards. Sometimes as a young professional, I get bogged down with day to day responsibilities. It’s great to come out of his sessions fueled up with new energy to overcome the next obstacle.

Alex Y.

Cincinnati, OH

I attended Paul’s seminar during a conference in Tucson, AZ in 2009. I wasn’t sure what session to go to, but his sounded interesting. Out of all the seminars, his sounded the most interesting to me so I convinced a couple other attendees to go with me. We sat down and Paul was all smiles. He could see that all of us were tired, so he brought the energy to us. His seminar was extremely engaging and when we got correct answers, he played music to boost the energy even further. The first time he pressed play, we all paused and burst into laughter because we definitely didn’t expect him to play modern music that we all listened to. He is an educator that is still invested in the modern era and reaching the students whether college level or younger in ways that motivate them to meet him halfway in the learning process. That’s just the type of person that Paul is.

Darnell M. 

Las Vegas, NV

Paul is such an amazing and motivational speaker! I attended his session at the Delta Sigma Pi Dallas LEAD and I have never been so inspired! He really energizes everyone in the audience and puts everything is a positive perspective! I can’t wait to attend more of his sessions!

Lindsey R.

San Antonio, TX

Paul Brodie brings the energy! Interacts with the audience and evokes the PMA his seminar is teaching!

Darrick W. 

Columbia, SC


What are your presentations like?

BrodieEDU presentations are highly engaging and will get the attention of the audience.

How much will it cost to have you speak on our campus?

You can get a complete list of fees by contacting my office at 469-323-6238 or BrodieEDU Director of Events, Lindsay Palmer at Fees are very similar to what you would expect to pay for any professional/motivational speaker.

Due to the challenging economic climate that I know most schools and student groups are facing at the moment, I’ve decided to continue discounting my presentations through the 2016 – 2017 and 2017-2018 academic years. Please contact my office for the details on these price breaks, as well as information on ways that other groups have found funding for their programs.

How far in advance do you book dates?

I’ve scheduled presentations as far out as a year to as close as a few weeks away. If you have a date that you’re considering, the best thing to do is contact my office and place a hold. You’re not obligated to hire me, but you will get first priority on your reserved dates.

How long are your presentations? 

Most of my keynotes range from thirty to ninety minutes.

What are the next steps if we’re interested in bringing you to our campus?

Please feel free to contact my office for more information. We’ll be happy to tell you about our programs and work with you to fit a presentation into your budget.