Paul Brodie is a Book Publishing Coach and Eleven-time Bestselling Author

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Here's What Paul's Clients Are Saying...

“Everyone kept telling me that I needed to write a book to establish my authority as a self-confidence coach. The problem was that I had no idea how to make that possible.

Because of Paul Brodie and his generous sharing of showing me the ropes through his coaching and video modules, I went from someone without a draft to becoming a #1 Bestselling Author in 60 days! 

I was able to do this because Paul laid everything out in a clear, time-lined series of action steps that kept me focused, accountable and able to implement all that was necessary to achieve this success. He can do the same for you.” 
-Billy Atwell, Bestselling Author of Unshakable Self-Confidence


“I was a student with a dream of writing and one day becoming a bestselling author. It seemed like a dream a lifetime away, but after learning from Paul, I understood the importance of writing what I know and how to achieve bestseller status on Amazon.

After writing about my journey towards a career in venture capital, my book #BreakIntoVC turned into a bestseller in the venture capital category and has created a tremendous amount of opportunities for me.

Since writing my book I have lectured at Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, USC and many other schools. Paul’s advice about book publishing and the power of multiple revenue streams are invaluable and I owe a lot to Paul’s coaching.” 

-Bradley Miles, Bestselling Author of #BreakIntoVC

“I LOVE the 'Book Publishing for Authors Implementation Program' and am so happy to have come across Paul and his teachings. He is an absolute ACE teacher and I cannot recommend his top-notch video modules and coaching sessions highly enough.

The abundance of resources about writing, publishing and marketing that Paul delivers in the program is perfect for anyone who wants to become a bestselling author and take their book writing and publishing to the next level."
-Mimi Emmanuel, Multi-time Bestselling Author of Books including The Holy Grail of Book Publishing 

“I read Paul Brodie's book, Book Publishing for Beginners, and his style of writing immediately put me at ease. He not only provided well-thought out step-by-step instructions, insights, and behind-the-scenes knowledge about self-publishing that only someone with his experience and expertise could know, but he shared them with encouragement and a ‘you can do this’ attitude.

Because of Paul's in-depth knowledge and positive attitude when I realized I needed a real-life coach to show me how to market my books and create audiobooks, I signed up for his Book Publishing for Authors Implementation Program. It was the best decision! With Paul by my side, I'm no longer afraid to record my first audiobook, and I know my books will get into the hands of my readers.” 
-Hillary Tubin, Bestselling Author of Boys and Books

Want to see how Paul can generate similar results for you?

Here is what we will accomplish together in this 15-Minute, fast-paced, zero-nonsense session. 

 Results: Once we cover the questions you have then we will be able to get crystal clear about where you want to go and how to accomplish your goal. 

Reality: Next, we'll take stock of your current situation with what is working, and what can be improved, and where you need help. 

Roadblocks: We will turn the problems into projects, and pinpoint specific areas that will help you with your book. 

The 15-Minute Call is conducted by the founder of our company, Paul Brodie, who has written eleven bestselling books and has helped multiple clients launch bestselling books. 

Please be advised that this consultation will NOT be a thinly disguised sales presentation: it will consist of the best advice that Paul can supply in a 15-Minute time span.

There is no charge for this call, but please be advised that the call must be limited to 15 minutes. 

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